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B-24 Liberator "Flak Shak"

B-24 Liberator "Flak Shak"

Though not as revered as the B-17, the B-24 was faster, had a longer range, could carry a larger payload, and was well revered by those who flew it. It was noted for its role in the Ploesti Raids, among many other assaults on Hitler's Fortress Europe. This work of art commemorates its iconic status, and can be yours. Use this artwork to honor your father, grandfather, or any veteran of World War II. Their signature and their story make a nice touch to this drawing as well.


This drawing comes in two options:
--8x12" with a 3/16" padded mat and plastic cover (small)
--12x18" with a 3/16" padded mat and plastic cover (large)

Both are printed on metallic paper.

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