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F-18 Hornet "Maverick"

F-18 Hornet "Maverick"

The F-18C was the workhorse for the Navy and Marine Corps, serving in almost every role that required it. An all-weather attack, fighter, escort, close air support, air interdiction, and reconnaissance, the F-18 served its many purposes from Operation Prairie Fire to Operation Enduring Freedom. For the veteran who flew or maintained this aircraft, or for the history buff, this print of my original art is perfect for your bookshelf, office space, hangar, or as a salute to your father or grandfather who served during these conflicts. 



This drawing comes in two options:
--8x12" with a 3/16" padded mat and plastic cover (small)
--12x18" with a 3/16" padded mat and plastic cover (large)

Both are printed on metallic paper.

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