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F-4 Phantom "Linebacker" Black Mat Board

F-4 Phantom "Linebacker" Black Mat Board

The F-4 was the workhorse of the Vietnam War, and an iconic image of Vietnam and of the larger scale Cold War. Its versatility allowed it to fill multiple roles in the Air Force, Navy, and Marines. It was capable of speeds upwards of Mach 2.2, could carry more armament than the venerable B-17 could in World War II, and was the most mass-produced jet fighter in history. For the veteran who flew or maintained this aircraft, or for the history buff, this print of my original art is perfect for your bookshelf, office space, hangar, or as a salute to your father or grandfather who served in the war.


This drawing comes in several options:
--5x7" in an 8x10" black mat board with plastic cover (small)
--8x12" in a 12x16" black mat board with plastic cover (medium)
--12x18" in an 18x24" black mat board with plastic cover (large)


All are printed on metallic paper.

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