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P-47 Thunderbolt "The Jug"

P-47 Thunderbolt "The Jug"

It was the slower but bigger and tougher brother that fought alongside the more venerated P-51 Mustang over Europe in WWII. Used primarily in ground attack roles, it gained a reputation for its particular ruggedness. It was this role that made it the namesake for the next generation A-10 Thunderbolt II (later dubbed the Warthog). This work of art commemorates its iconic status, and can be yours. The framed copies are perfect for having veterans sign around the black frame. They are also perfect for your bookshelf, office space, hangar, or as a salute to your father or grandfather who served in the war.



This drawing comes in two options:
--8x12" with a 3/16" padded mat and plastic cover (small)
--12x18" with a 3/16" padded mat and plastic cover (large)

Both are printed on metallic paper.

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